Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Assignment # 3

This is your opportunity to be Mother Earth (or Father Earth), write a creative (using Glypho with our class log in and password) story about why you have sent a natural disaster loose on earth. What kind of disaster is it? What did you call it? Where did you have it?
Here are some ideas that might help:
-The people on earth were not taking care of what you left them
-You don't like cows
-You need to balance out all Eco-systems because...
-You want to teach the humans a lesson.

Assignment # 2

Using Zoho writer, I would like you to pretend you are writing a news piece on any natural disaster that has occurred within the last 20 years. Give us the facts: When did it happen? How big was the event, was it a state, a region, or a whole country? How many were hurt? What caused the disaster? How was it resolved? *Hint use the weather links below!
To post your work on blogger use the class sign-in and password and then post.
Zoho writer

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Assignment #1

Using Zoho Sheets or a graphing program. Graph the annual precipitation of the Spokane, WA area using the data we found in class. When finished post your graphs in the comments here.

Zoho sheets

Google Docs

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Welcome to the weather blog!
Before you begin you and your parents must read and sign the Permission to Blog letter before you are given the class sign-in and password.
Permission to Blog